Veranda Chiang Mai The High Resort

The effortless simplicity of the hotel’s built forms belies the complexity of blending modern materials with elements of traditional Thai construction methods. Yet this complexity enabled the possibility to blend contemporary structures and relaxing beach culture in the construction of this boutique resort. The low-rise resort contains 13 luxury villas, 84 guestrooms and 3 food & beverage outlets.
The main concept is to create a contemporary modern solution to vernacular Thai architecture. Guests are greeted on arrival at the lobby with the iconic form inspired by the royal barge roof, welcoming to the rejuvenation of a tranquil oasis. The lobby’s architecture is open and honest, illustrating the integrity of
wood and steel structure without redundant layers. Guestrooms are cozy, yet hip and striking with minimalist interior dominated by stone and timber with subtle decorative elements. The planning utilizes the site advantage of unrestricted sea
view by connecting the lobby through a reflecting pond and a large swimming pool to the ocean. The building cluster is laid out to preserve the existing grown-up trees which complements the overall resort atmosphere.

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand
Area 16,000 Square Meters
Year 2008