This premium class resort hotel sits beautifully on a site of 8 rai connected to Hua Hin beach. Intended for upper-income clientele, the resort is designed for exclusivity, with a total of only 13 pool villas. Each unit has its own private swimming pool and garden. The layout is planned to overcome the constraint of a very long and narrow site. The planning solution perfectly solves the privacy issues and isolates the service from the public areas. The accommodation units are connected by the main walkway. This walkway creates a visual linkage to the sea once approaching the hotel lobby and underneath also serves as the main
service spine throughout the resort. The landscape design plays a vital role in defining activity areas and avoiding disturbance between each units and between the public areas and villas. The hotel facilities include restaurant, library, fitness & spa, beach-front swimming pool and a business center.

Location Huahin, Thailand
Area 12,800 Square Meters
Year 2008