Pattaya Country Club

Pattaya Country Club is a golf course located in the east side of Chonburi, surrounded by other golf courses and other sport’s fields such as car racing
circuit. The scope of the project is focusing on the new clubhouse and caddy house design. The architects has an intention to design a clubhouse building that becomes part of the golf course and the surrounding landscape. Then that intention directs to concept to be inspired from the ‘Terrain’ and the shape of golf course’s landscape environment. The gradual decline in the angle of the ground’s slope which is made by the combination of grass and sand holes giving the inspiration of the shape and form of the clubhouse building. The style of the clubhouse is minimal and modern with a clean finish to the eye. The roof is standing out in a beautiful curve giving an integration between landscape design and architectural design. In order to achieve this idea, a big tree should be placed with a hill crafted around to support the structure of the clubhouse furthermore harmonizing with it. Apart form the appearance, the architecture was design to contain a lot of semi-outdoor space, in order to reduce the air-conditioned area and use it only in particular rooms that are inevitable, such as proshop, restaurant, administration office, meeting room, and etc.

Location Chonburi, Thailand
Area 3,500 Square Meters
Year 2015