CGV Cresent Mall

The project consists of 7 cinemas, with total capacity of 1,166 seats, plus a common area and operational facilities including, cinema lobby, concession, box office, public toilets, cinema’s office space, projector corridor, storage and M&E rooms. The richness of design reflects senses of luxury and dynamic and vital activities. The shape of counters, waiting seats, ceiling and a featured column in the lobby is diamond-like shape enhancessense of dynamic. The granite flooring and golden lighting shade at the lobby introduces luxury touch. Sense of welcoming and relaxing is accentuated by employing dark, natural tone timber panel for cinema corridor and cinema lobby ceiling. The gray wall panel with changeable color illuminated from recessed, bamboo leaf like shape lighting slots illustrate exiting and unexpected feeling as well as reflect oriental touch. As the LED lighting inside the cinema can be programmable to change from one color to other colors over time, the overall touches and feels of this CGV a cinema is differentiated from conventional cinemas in the market. In this sense, the design strategy of enhancing movie experiences can be integrated into marketing or positioning strategy for the cinemas.

Location Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
Area 6,000 Square Meters
Year 2014