CGV Pandora City

CGV Pandora city locates at the left hand side wing, on the 3rd floor of Pandora Building. The approximate area is 3,000 sq.m. Additionally, approximate 1,000 sq. m. on the 4th floor is to be provided to accommodate projectors, working area for staff, and other mechanical space for engineering system supports the cinema operations. The anchor component of the project is 8 cinemas of the Cineplex. The images of the decor is derived from the name Pandora of the complex. The world Pandora is interpreted as The Box of Amusement, that is the place where originates all entertainment beyond all imagination”the place where everyone can experience the sense of fun and exciting from the moving image.

Location Tanbinh Distric, HCMC, Vietnam
Area 4,000 Square Meters
Year 2012