King’s College International School Bangkok

Located in the heart of Bangkok on Ratchada-Rama 3 Road, King’s College International School Bangkok was realized in cooperation with King’s College School Wimbledon, England, becoming its first outpost in Southeast Asia. Initially designed to accommodate pre-school and primary school, the compound will be extended for high school students in the following years. To meet standards of academic excellence and a bespoke co-curricular program, the concept aimed to achieve a balance between safety and fun, creating a truly inspiring atmosphere that is both welcoming and domestic. The facility provides a diversity of spaces to play, such as the outdoor amphitheater located above the main entrance, or the rooftop playground. To encourage versatile development we created multiple special task-oriented spaces, including a lab, music practice rooms, and a performance arts section. Among many sports facilities, we will find here 3 air-conditioned basketball courts, an indoor swimming pool, dance studios, a football field, and 2 covered tennis courts. The characteristic brick pattern takes cues from the school’s English predecessor which aesthetics inspired the design process. The main entrance is positioned at a distance from the main road, creating additional space and preventing future traffic congestion issues. The location is easily accessible and provides 250 parking spaces.

Location Ratchada-Rama3, Bangkok, Thailand
Area 42,000 Square Meters
Year 2020