Ayodhya Clubhouse

The clubhouse of Ayodhya golf course is designed with the reminiscence of its location, Ayuthaya, Thailand’s old capital city. The functions are designed to separate the functions of the building and as a result, the building has ample natural light and
a good natural ventilation. The strategy also helps saving the energy as most of the areas are not air-conditioned.
Thai elements are transformed and used for the building base contrasting the modern simplicity of the upper part of the building. The building is oriented to provide a panoramic view of the golf course. It comprises pro shop, restaurants, locker rooms, half-way house, caddies’ facilities, golf cart parking and car parking.
Ayodhya Clubhouse is the 2008 awardwinning architectural design granted by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

Location Ayuthaya, Thailand
Area 7,500 Square Meters
Year 2007