Ad Lib Hotel Khon Kaen
The client called OBA to design the existing 29-story building which was planned
to be one-stop portal for agricultural sector in North East region of Thailand.
Mitrphol Biotech Center is a mixed-use building, comprising one-stop service
government offices on the first 4 floors where visitors can conveniently access,
9-story office for rent aiming to be regional center for agricultural private
businesses and a 192- key business hotel
Architectural simplicity and green building are the main design concept which
corresponds to the client’s company vision and the nature of agricultural business
sector. Nature is brought outside in to create relaxing atmosphere in the building.
F&B outlets include 2 restaurants and pool garden and pool bar on rooftop,
opening up to the opporturnity for panoramic view of Khonkhaen city.
Location Khonkean, Thailand
Area 72,000 Square Meters
Year 2022