The office of Bangkok Architects is a multi-disciplined and diversified design group based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are a creative design firm that brings over 29 years of design experience and construction management to the industry. We work along side many international and domestic developers, which also includes retailers and hoteliers. Our services include large-scale urban designs, retail & mixed-use shopping centers, cinema complexes and other entertainment venues, as well as residential developments and luxury resorts. Our projects can be found on in over 10 countries, Including Thailand, China, Italy, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Bahamas.

At OBA we have long established our firm around the principles of being distinctive and offer a strict dedication to every single project that we are involved in. Furthermore, at OBA we believe that architecture has a life of its own and are focused on making sure that the projects true personality comes out. Part of our design process is respectful of architectures past, sensible of current movement and also mindful to any of the client’s future needs. The end result is a project that is unique, nostalgic and a long lasting value to the client.